10 non-stop destinations in Europe from New Delhi under Rs 50,000

Planning well in advance is the key to a happy vacation to an International destination. If you are already day dreaming about what to do with your annual incentives this year, here is a cue. Go to Europe on a solo trip ! Below is a list of ten destinations that you can fly to. The awesome part – they are non-stop return flights under Rs 50,000. You are welcome.

Why Europe? Because it has food, culture, history, architecture, trains, cheap local flights, the Schengen visa lets you move seamlessly to over two dozen destinations with just one-time paper work.

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Looking for love? See no further. Fly Air France or Air India and in 9-hours, you will be in the land where love is in the air, on the streets, in cafes and in the language. Learn some French, baking croissants and enjoy the countless free museums all day long. We never know where cupid strikes, hmmn 🙂


Fly KLM to Amsterdam and get lost and found in the endless canals. One of the most well-connected airports of Europe can be your port of entry to that life-changing Europe trip that you have been dreaming of since forever.


Pizzas, gelatos, iconic architecture are some of the very few things that will make it difficult for you to come back from a Roman holiday. Air India will take you there in 8-hours but be sure you will leave your heart there forever.


Bollywood has a way of imprinting such yearning for a destination, that the only cure remains to visit the place. Go solo, with girlfriends or your wolf-pack, or take the whole family for a reunion. Spain will not disappoint you. The sheer variety of the destination will drive you nuts while making an itinerary, so keep at least two weeks for the country. From Tomatina to Bull Fighting, the 10-hour flight with Air India will take you to the land where crazy is normal.

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Lufthansa or Air India will take you to where Goethe started it all. Well connected to other cities with trains and other countries by planes, Frankfurt could be your port of entry to discovering the German history, traditions and exploring the culture.


Plan for the world famous Oktoberfest or the adrenaline rush on Autobahns (highways) that have no speed limit. Lufthansa’s 8-hour flight is your ticket to museums, German beer and some intense history lessons.


DDLJ forever changed what India feels for Switzerland. The Alpine adventure, snow and skis, the beautiful landscape, Swizz cheese and chocolates are all 9-hours away aboard the Swiss Air.


The land of Motzart and the time travel to the Hapsburg era, with carriages, gold cutlery and Kaffes is my personal favorite for a solo girl trip. Castles, vineyards and sky-high steeples will transport you to a time sans internet, with all its glory of the era gone by. Take Air Austria or Air India for a smooth flight to the land of music and royalty.


The exorbitant price tags of bags will prevent you from shopping your hearts content, but walking the streets of Milan will sure make your head turn at the fashionable dresses and stylish accessories. Fly Air India and in 9-hours you could be exploring Rome, Venice, Florence, but the story begins in Milan.


The Scandinavian adventure awaits you. This choice has the potential to spearhead your Arctic adventure. Go during Polar Nights hunt the Northern lights or during Arctic Summers to witness some of the most spectacular landscapes. Take quick trains to neighboring countries in the region to make the most of your 8-hour flight with Finnair.

Here are two bonus destinations that have a direct, non-stop flight from New Delhi but have a different, independent visa procedure. London and Moscow also have non-stop flights. The ticket to London may be inexpensive, but be sure to have sufficient budget for stay, food, accommodation an

Some quick travel trips:

Try using AirBnB or Couchsurfing to minimize stay costs. Leave on a Wednesday for cheaper tickets. Book directly with the airline, in case of delays or change of plans, there will be less damages you will suffer.

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