A Small Town Girl In Budapest

View from the Citadella, Budapest, Hungary.

Buda and Pest. Parted in two by the river, joined into one by the bridges.

Getting from one place to another is easy. There are so many speeds that you can see the city in – metros, taxis, trams, buses, bicycles, walking, monorails. Each time you switch the mode of transport, it changes the view of the same street. It knows how to party and it knows how to snuggle and stay home. In no way does it look dilapidated. It does not look old and worn out like many other European cities. But then comparing one city to another is as criminal as comparing one sibling with another.

🏰🛤 On the way down at Buda Castle. This funicular is well functional. It can take you to and from the Chain Bridge to the Buda Castle. If you are more adventurous, you can climb the stairs that are on both the ends of the castle. From top of the Buda Castle you can see both the buda and the pest side of Budapest that is separated by the Danube. Here in the picture you are seeing the Pest Side of the city, the Chain Bridge and The Danube. You are also seeing the walls between which the funicular exists in a super functional state. The train/ tram itself is three wooden coops that take 4 to 6 passengers each. Tip: try to sit in the front most coop so that you can get this unhindered, mesmerising view. . . . #instatravel #instaphoto #instatraveling #instatraveler #city #cityscape #river #riverside #hungary #train #funicular #old #oldcity #oldtown #oldtimes #vintage #vintagelove #bridge #bridges #bridgecity #travelwriter #travelgirl #travelblogger #travelphotography #travelgram #story #storytelling #budapeste #budapestmoments #instabudapest

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The streets are a blend of European façade and new brands. Its winter. So all trees are withered. But like you know somethings without the truth being presented to you in a statistical manner, you know that they are all alive. They are just hibernating. Budapest also goes deep. If you want to see what it shows and leave, it will let you. But if you take time and pay attention to what it has to say, the city is replete with history – World War, floods and famines, the parks would be historic memorials, small riverside cafe would be a heritage owner, a sculpt would have a mythological reference. Well, I know now this is true for everything in life. The slower you get, the deeper you go. With Budapest, you have to find your speed – your’s and the cities and sync the rhythm, because it has one for everyone.

The Danube, that keeps its secrets for 10 countries, is the imposing personality of the city, alongside its bridges. There is no hyperbole it is sweeping views from the top of the citadella, the forts and castles. Even the people appear matter of factly.

I would say its the spas. Not the five star, people speaking extraordinarily nice to you kind of spas. Just community thermal spas where you enter the premises if you have the membership, change and take your alternating dips between pools that are 2 degrees centigrade and 46 degrees centigrade. It may sure improve immunity, but they also work on the will power and resilience. This is essentially what Budapest is. Managing the 2 and 46 with equal aplomb. Oh, yes, do not forget to carry a pair of swimsuits. Really.

Unlike some cities Budapest doesn’t elicit that streak of crazy when you try connect with it. It makes you feel balanced. The stone walled constructions somewhere make you feel very strong and grounded. Invincible.

Lamps. Boats. Cruises. Bridges. Food. Coffee. Locks. Stones. Open. Tall. Beauty with no flamboyance.

If Budapest was a person, I would describe it as man, lean and fit, who likes his scotch and coffee, regal in stature. He walks a lot, moves a lot, is always going from one place to another. But neither fast, nor slow. Just in the measures pace that makes you take notice of him. In parts flashy, not is a ostentatious way. And in parts an introvert – not in an under-confident manner, just like a man who does not want to attract much attention but cannot help but be different.

I don’t know if we will meet again, Budapest. But thank you for allowing me to ring in my new year, 2018, under the stars with pyrotechnics dazzling across the Danube from The Castle and The Citadella.

Wish you all a very happy 2018! Leaving you with some more sights from Budapest.

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