Valentine’s Day Special | This year be your own Valentine

Oh the damned, damned Valentine’s Day is here again. Single or not-so single — each year we look outside, to find love. Someone perfect, someone awesome, someone lovable, who is sadly not us.

We are raised in a culture where we rarely find mind-space and time to even question if we find ourselves likable to us or not. Not narcissistically, but in a more affable and endearing way. Are you a fan of yourself, as you are — with the glaring flaws, the weaknesses and all those childhood issues? We keep seeking for external approvals and validation without embracing the quirks within.

Conformity is this generations biggest bane. A travel isn’t travel till pictures go up on social media and go viral. A date isn’t a date till mechanical selfies become display pictures. Smiling at cue and externalising more than ever, we have forgotten to be with ‘just’ ourselves, which is enough. And spiritually speaking the only way for a better and peaceful living.


So this Valentine’s Day, let’s resolve to be our own first loves. Accept ourselves as we are.

Tip: take this love a little further. Treat yourselves to something you have wished for, a donut or a book, saving up or a draw yourselves a long warm bath. Buy yourself a gift of ‘love’. Happy Valentine’s Day.

[This article was first published in The Times of India]

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