Flor Do Cafe – Story of women from Brazil at a coffee plantation

The story of how Flor Do Café came into existence is serendipitous. One of the men who would attend the training workshops could not make it to work that day. His wife came to work as a substitute. Since she did not want to come alone, she got her friend alongside. The trainers noticed how these two women were more attentive, made incessant notes. When they got back on the field to work, they implemented everything to the T. This got Emater curious, and they began holding women-only workshops. The women were more enthusiastic in following every instruction religiously, and ensured costs are under control, better than men. They were more concerned about their families, hence punctual and diligent. They were conscious about sustainability and ensured they are wearing the gear they are supposed to while in a factory or at the farm, hence reducing accidents and product contamination. Soon 2 women in 2013 became 350 in a matter of 4 years. Last month all 350 women were asked to suggest a name and a logo for the organisation. They now call it Flor Do Café. The logo depicts a coffee flower.

Click here to read the whole story written exclusively for Olam International.

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