Keeping up with the resolutions — Why do I make them, why do I break them

Chances are, you took at least one New Year’s resolution; like losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, reading more, so on and so forth. Less than a week into the New Year, resolves dissolve and are forgotten. We resume with our life style – the ones that we live mindlessly. We reflect upon them again, only with a fresh beginning on the horizon, mostly around the end of the year. Why exactly do we fail to keep up with them?

In essence, a resolve, as defined by various dictionaries, is

“a decision or determination; a resolve, the act determining upon as action or course of action, method, procedure etc.”

Why do we take resolutions?

Because we are unhappy or dislike the current state of existence. We wish to change, either ourselves or the situation. A change in a habit only gets propelled when something alters both inside us and in our environs. New Years, birthdays, change of jobs, geographical locations, etc fuels our desire to improve.

But then, why do we fail in keeping up with them?

Quite often it is because the goals set are unrealistic or not thought through. They need to be broken down and tailor-made to your specific needs, factoring in your specific circumstances. Most of the times, unnecessary brain chatter before acting upon them, at the last minute is the culprit. Just power through with your resolves. Yes, firm willpower is a quintessential ingredient.

How to keep them going?

Define the goals and chart a schedule. Be generous and forgiving to yourself in case you do miss out on one of the occasions in meeting up with them. You haven’t failed till you keep going. Stick to them and reward yourself once you do power through.

Should you even resolve, or is it a wasted concept?

Resolutions are powerful, new year, mid-year or end-of-year. Yes, resolve to be what you want to be. It is never indeed too late for it. Lives get wasted in not reflecting what you are doing, and staying unhappy with the current state of affairs. As they say, ‘Be the change’. It feels good.

Tell us what are your 2016’s resolutions are in the comments section below. Maybe someone out here has gone survived the same and could lend a hand in keeping up with the resolutions.

Happy New Resolutions 2016 !

[This article was first published in The Times of India]

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