National Parks of Costa Rica

Costa Rica, Manuel Antonion National Park

To visit every beach and do every activity that Costa Rica has to offer could take almost two years, but this is exactly what travellers do. Going on an adventures of Costa Rica can present travellers with myriad excitements, and one must not lose out on this experience. Stay here as long as they can and absorb every inch of this modern day Eden. Some leave only to come back and settle here forever. Sitting on the ‘Ring of Fire,’ Costa Rica has a chain of volcanoes on the Pacific Coast and roughly 15 peaks of which a third are considered to be active. There are plenty of micro habitats that exist here, like rainforests, cloud forests, beaches, mountains and volcanoes, rivers, backwaters and mangroves, of course there are the two ocean coasts of The Pacific and The Atlantic, forests, valleys and plateaus, coral reefs.

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Here is a list of wildlife encounters that you can relish in Costa Rica.

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