A Small Town Girl In Budapest

View from the Citadella, Budapest, Hungary.

If Budapest was a person, I would describe it as man, lean and fit, who likes his scotch and coffee, regal in stature. He walks a lot, moves a lot, is always going from one place to another. But neither fast, nor slow. Just in the measures pace that makes you take notice of him. In parts flashy, not is a ostentatious way. And in parts an introvert – not in an under-confident manner, just like a man who does not want to attract much attention but cannot help but be different.

Walk down the history of countries at Avenida Las Americas

Plaza Benito Juarez on Avenida Las Americas

While visiting Avenida Las Américas, in Guatemala City there are some things one can’t help but notice: the spectacular monuments, squares, and sculptures; lush green and shadowy Ceiba and Jacaranda trees in manicured parks with not a leaf out-of-place; fountains and pools and huge plazas. Every Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM, this avenue transforms […]