A six-step guide to revive and stick to resolutions

Come December, there is a quixotic surge in making new resolutions. However as New Year turns into Valentine’s Day into Easter, all resolves become vague and fade away. From exercising more to spending less, from learning skills like cooking and playing guitar to unlearning saying ‘yes’, they become a part of distant memory, only to […]

Keeping up with the resolutions — Why do I make them, why do I break them

Chances are, you took at least one New Year’s resolution; like losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, reading more, so on and so forth. Less than a week into the New Year, resolves dissolve and are forgotten. We resume with our life style – the ones that we live mindlessly. We reflect upon them again, […]

Everything about ‘happy drug’, adrenaline and going running in the African wilderness

Running in Africa, as the sets

Red mud roads, arresting sunsets and sunrises, daunting trees, 8-feet tall savannas, occasional vehicles, just one or two in an hour that makes the mud rise, bringing the visibility down to zero. All those who run, and have had the fortune of running outdoors would know, what a blessing it is to be able to […]