You are not the number of emails you recieve

View from the 24th floor of Chicago skyscrapers

You are not the number of apps you download on your phone. You are definitely not the volume of data you have consumed every month. You are not the lunch-movie-shopping-repeat that you stage every weekend. You are not the Friday evening. You are not the Monday morning. You are not the bills you pay. You are not the amount you are credited month-end. You are not the alcohol that you drank till you stopped making sense anymore. You are not the television series that you marathon-watch over and over again. You are not the incessant planning that you become. You are not the regrets that you lug. You are not the likes and followers. You are not your daily commute time. You are not the most expensive restaurant that you eat at. You are definitely not the best device available in the market. You are not the free software download. You are not the steal that you get at the sale on the thing that you did not need. You are not the endless hours you spend in the bye-lanes of an urban bitch. You are the not the strain that you feel to change your profile picture on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. You are not the cold, lifeless stares that you exchange when the traffic signal turns red. You are not the auto-induced coma of shopping carts of online shopping. You are not those extra hours you while after-work because you don’t know better. You are not the mindless clicks of new tabs on chrome when there is nothing to click on anymore.
You are the missed deep breath you forget to take when you smell summer approaching. You are that lost moment that skip sharing when you see a friend who needs a hug. You are the long walks that you don’t take anymore. You are the ability of cherishing the most enjoyable company in the world – yourself. You are the awkwardness you feel when you begin learning something new. You are the present. You are the forgiveness that you allow yourself. You are the rise after every fall that occurs. You are the quite. You are the happiness that you feel when no one’s watching. You are the honest conversations that you fear. You are the taste of the rains. You are the silly-face that you make at that kid you just made laugh. You are the weightless calm at the edge of a cliff you hiked. You are the trust that is laid on you when you are unaware. You are that collapse of relief after that hike that beings you to the meadow. You are the first splash in the swimming pool. You are the lungful of air that you gasp when you bobble up after a dive. You are the unadulterated, full-throat laughter that brings tears to your eyes. You are the sound sleep that makes you wake up with a smile. You are the subtle smile that appears unnoticed when the gentle breeze touches your face. You are that loss of breath when tickled uncontrollably. You are the song you start singing along out loud with your friend.
You are the here and the now.

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